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Excavator - SWE65
Sunward hydraulic excavators are compact with a small swing tail.  Because of their advanced manufacturing process they are robust, with high efficiency and perfect operability.  The SWE65 is ideal for major earthworks, landscaping and larger construction projects.

Features of the SWE65:
  • Powerful emission controlled CUMMINS Engine
  • High performance state of the art KYB hydraulic system
  • Both arm and boom can realize confluencing to increase speed
  • Arm end/bucket and arm/boom joints electro tungsten alloy treated
  • High strength and wear resistant axle sleeve
  • Comfortable and spacious cabin - air conditioned, with all-around visibility
  • Ergonomic layout and suspension seating for excellent lumbar support
  • Easy to read electronic control system
  • Lockable joystick for safety
  • Three buckets provided: 330mm, 712mm & 1500mm
  • Tracks 400mm wide, interchangeable between steel and rubber
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
Excavator - SWE65

Operating weight 6300 Kg Rated bucket capacity 0.22 cubic metre
Max. bucket digging force 44 KN Dipper digging force 31.5 KN
Travel speed 2.8 / 5 km/h Slewing speed 10 rpm
Max traction force 50.4 KN Gradeability 30
Ground pressure 39 kpa Shoe Width 400 mm
Dozer blade width x height 2080 x 420 mm Length * Width * Height (mm) 3050 x 2100 x 2650

Max digging height 6079 mm Max dump height 4210 mm
Max digging depth 3878 mm Max digging radius 6141 mm
Max horizontal reach 5992 mm Platform ground clearance 667 mm
Max dozer lifting height 433 mm Max dozer cutting depth 224 mm

Model A2300T Rated power 41 kW
Number of cylinders 4 Rated speed 2300 rpm
Piston displacement 2.3 L Max torque 183 N.m

Fuel tank 124 litre Sump (engine oil) 6.5 litre
Radiator 8.6 litre Travelling gearbox 1.1litre
Hydraulic oil system 98.7 litre


Piston pump flow (L/min) 2 x 60 + 44 Implement pressure 24.5 / 20.6 Mpa
Materials and specifications subject to change without notice.